It takes a long time for a local tradition to begin, to become established, and to create a favorable relationship among the residents of an area.  Round Hill Cemetery was formed in 1786 and, over the centuries, we have developed a tradition of offering interment services which are superior in every respect.


The professional staff at Round Hill Cemetery are compassionate, attentive, and truly concerned with the needs and desires of the family. We work closely with funeral directors throughout the area to assure that each and every of our clients receive the attention, respect, and considerations that they deserve.
Our personal attention is combined with a pricing structure which is truly considerate of your financial means and your budget. Our commitment to the community, and to you, demands that we offer the fairest possible pricing along with our promise of superior quality.
In order to meet the demand for above-ground entombments, we are pleased to offer the availability of a new columbarium area.  Located in Round Hill Cemetery in a quiet, meditative setting overlooking a beautiful vista of meadow and trees, these units are constructed in a traditional style of brick and bronze.  This is a beautiful and everlasting way to memorialize your loved one.