Round Hill Cemetery offers several services to you and your loved ones.  Please feel free to contact us for any of these services.



Customized Payment Plans: We offer prearranged payments for burial plots, for our above ground columbarium and for our double depth lawn crypts   We also offer prearranged payments for our interment sites.  These sites consist of graveside service with or without a tent and our chapel service.

Traditional Graveside Service: Most Burials at Round Hill Cemetery are performed in a traditional manner. A lowering device, platform,and grave greens are set-up at the gravesite.  ( A tent may be requested by the family or funeral director for an additional fee)   The casket is brought to the cemetery for interment by your funeral home and a short service is performed with family and friends present.

Traditional Chapel Service: Very common at Round Hill Cemetery is the use of our chapel. The casket is brought to the chapel by your funeral director and a short service is performed with family and friends present. The family then leaves the cemetery directly from the chapel after the casket is loaded into the hearse. Cemetery personnel escorts the hearse to the grave and completes the burial.

Cremation Service: This service can be scheduled with Round Hill Cemetery by a funeral director or a family member. The cremated remains are brought to our cemetery by your funeral director, family member, or by mail. A committal service with family and friends can be at the graveside, chapel or columbarium site, at the conclusion of the service cemetery personnel will complete the interment.

Foundations: Round Hill Cemetery installs foundations in which monuments are placed.  Round Hill Cemetery does not sell, install or accept delivery of any type of monuments.  We do work closely with local monument companies that will install your monument.

Floral Remembrance: We offer live plants to be planted on graves, cut floral bouquets, or special date bouquets. These are great options for those that can’t make it to the cemetery for a special date or for those who would like to set up an annual order.

Holiday Wreaths and Blankets: Holiday wreaths or blankets are offered during the months of November and December.

Endowments: Round Hill Cemetery offers endowment accounts.  An endowment account takes perpetual care a little further.  Endowments includes live Memorial planting, Holiday wreath and annual headstone inspection and cleaning.  These accounts are perfect for those that live out of the area or can’t make it to the cemetery.

Genealogy Reports: Round Hill Cemetery does not charge for simple location of family or friends. A fee will be charged for a surname research and or a photograph.