1.  Round Hill Cemetery has the right to determine the kind,design,size,symbolism,craftsmanship,quality,and material of memorials or structures of any kind placed in Round Hill Cemetery.Only Granite and Bronze memorials can be expected to endure.


2. The size of the memorial shall be determined according to the size of the lot. The length of the base shall may not exceed 80% of the width of the lot.


3. Monuments must be set on a foundation that is approved, installed and guaranteed by Round Hill Cemetery.


4. Planting must not be wider that 12 inches in front of the base of the memorail stone, and no longer than the width of the memorail stone


5.Flower bed and shrub planting is not permitted in the Flat Marker Section of Round Hill Cemetery.


6. Use of the following items is prohibited because they are Safety Hazards:Landscaping Stones,Marble Chips,Shells,Edging Materials, and Fencing.


7. Flags are permitted from May through Autumn and will be removed and disposed of when weathered or damaged in accordance with Congressional Flag Code.


8 .Any flower receptacle placed on a lot must be made of metal or some other unbreakable material


9. All vase units must be turned down into the ground during the Winter.


10. Cut flowers may  be used at any time. They will be removed during regularly scheduled grounds maintenance after they are dead.


11. Cemetery Clean-up is March 1st and some time in September.(All weathered artificial decorations will be removed and discarded at those times.)


12. Round Hill Cemetery is not liable for damage caused by the elements of weather, wildlife,act of God,thieves,vandals,riots or explosions.


13. Round Hill Cemetery reserves the right to modify,change ,add to,delete these rules and regulations as suited.Round Hill Cemetery will modify these rules and regulations with the best interest of the cemetery and/ or lot owners.